Best AliBaba Courses to import, sell and make money online

Two e commerce giants in the world, Alibaba & Amazon and when both are used in conjunction it can lead to magic. People all over the world have discovered a new business, importing from Alibaba (based in China) and selling in their respective countries or on Amazon, eBay or via Facebook. Not only are people pursuing this seriously, now there are instructors who teach the skills they used to make money online. The following list will help you choose the best courses to get started or enhance your skills in this domain that will help you generate more revenue by selling on e commerce stores.

1. Alibaba — How To Succeed At Importing Products

A bestselling course to begin with, this is an Entrepreneur’s guide to generating big profits. Some key features of this program include learning to pick products that resell for BIG margins (more profit), communicate and negotiate effectively with manufacturers about price and quality, understanding international trade methods and clarify all confusion. The creator Larry VanDenHandel has taught over 10,000 professionals and is a pro at his job. With a Bestseller Course tag and average rating of 4.6 out of 5, this is a trusted bet for you to invest on. More details here.

2. eCommerce Empire: Shopify — WooCommerce — Amazon — AliBaba

From the beginners we jump right to the pros. This wonderful course is not just to help you import from AliBaba but actually takes you through the entire e commerce empire, helping you become part of the selling ecosystem on Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon and AliBaba. The course helps you discover products that have a higher chance of selling as compared to others, shares insider tricks to finding products to sell without having to store any inventory and most importantly teaches you how to get started with e commerce with or without any technical skills (a challenge many have). Some really good feedback by students makes it a compelling choice. Know more here.

3. E-Commerce Business Guide to Alibaba for eBay & Amazon

The buck doesn’t stop at Amazon, there is a whole wide world worth exploring in the e commerce domain. eBay and even Facebook are great selling nodes and this training helps you become a master at exactly that. It focuses on the aspect of branding your products well, scaling your operation, become a product photography pro and become super skilled at importing products. The only key requirement for this course is super enthusiasm on your part!


This massive 11 hour course could be the best fit for you incase you are looking for a program to help you become a master marketer and salesman on the internet. Highly recommended from our side. Details available here.

4. Alibaba — Your Gateway to Importing & Making Huge Profits

Well if you are looking for a quick insight into the world of importing and selling online, then this course is a perfect fit. 2 hours of unadulterated learning from the knowledge depth of Colton Shuell, an international business man and Real Estate Investor, this program is a specially good for all those wanting to get a holistic business perspective. You will learn negotiating skills, private labeling a product, importance of an escrow agent and understand a lot of other complex terminology which may otherwise come in between you and great profits. You can sign up here.

5. Alibaba eCommerce Masterclass: Wholesale Product Sourcing

Like the name suggests, this is a true masterclass! Sergey Kasimov is a Best Selling Instructor and an eCommerce guru with 70,000 students! He specifically concentrates on helping you find low risk and low investment products so you can minimize risk and maximize return. His course also includes a database of 9,000+ exclusive best selling products and teaches you about wholesale, dropshipping and arbitrage. This 7.5 hour long course is the quintessential guide to help you sell and make money online. Know more here.

6. Private Label Products: Create Brands & Sell with Amazon FBA

Selling products is one thing, building a brand another. This training helps you earn a passive income by helping you source products from China, and then selling on Amazon and FBA under your own brand name. It particularly helps you save on unnecessary fees, build a network of reviewers for your products and promote products on your social media accounts to improve sales and generate more profits. This 12 hour course taken up so far by 11,500 + students is just perfect. Sign up and you can thank the trainer Anthony Monfet later. Details available here.

7. How to import from China — The professional guide

This is for all the serious people out there, those who want to learn absolutely everything there is to know about the trade part of this business. Manuel Becvar, who was born in Austria is a China Expert with over 17 years of experience. This special courses created by him will help you learn all about how to import from China, right from contacting right suppliers to calculating shipping costs to filtering the clutter on Alibaba. Highly recommended for serious businessmen and entrepreneurs out there. Know more here.

The world is constantly discovering new ways and methods of doing business online and sourcing from AliBaba and selling on multiple eCommerce portals is one of them. With the courses mentioned above, we hope to have helped you find the most suitable one for you to start sourcing and selling to earn passive income online and build a business on the internet. Find more digital courses listed on our website here.

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100s of global experts recommend the best courses and certifications online. 2 Million+ Learners, 75000+ Courses and counting.

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100s of global experts recommend the best courses and certifications online. 2 Million+ Learners, 75000+ Courses and counting.